Commercial Floor Cleaning And Care Important

You already know that you should be cleaning your commercial flooring on a daily basis, you do know that, right? And not only that, you still need to factor in your commercial floor care miami services as well, particularly if your commercial flooring tends to endure an insurmountable amount of traffic, both foot traffic and commercial or industrial traffic.

Let’s talk a bit about the foot traffic before moving on to commercial and industrial traffic.

Foot traffic. That much should have been obvious. It’s dozens and dozens of people, staff and customers, traipsing the floorboards for the most part of a business day.

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Commercial flooring would relate mostly to those areas that are mostly utilised by staff. It’s their restricted areas of work.

But industrial traffic, both indoors and outdoors, is probably the heaviest form of traffic of the lot. Because here you’re talking heavy forklifts carrying heavy loads from one shift to another on a factory or workshop floor. These days, even with COVID-19, it’s still pretty much a 24-hour operation.

All things being said thus far, the onus remains with the business and commercial property owners to keep their floor space safe and in a good state of repair. Badly damaged floors in the factory space pose hazards. Wet floors in a supermarket aisle are costly to the business. In more ways than one. And even office floors, more or less secluded and generally quiet, has its issues. Dust and debris allowed to settle into wall to wall carpeting has contributed tremendously to staff absenteeism.

Making sure that carpeting is clean will obviously contribute towards reducing those staff absenteeism rates. And that of course, is going to contribute positively to the office manager’s bottom line as well.